Welcome to Brave New Moe, just another aspiring blog with wannabe elitists.

Why the name?  Moe has become a dominant subculture within the anime community.  It is one of the major aesthetic experience in the medium that you cannot get elsewhere.  Unfortunately, the trend has become such that moe is no longer just the cute innocence it once was, it is now the more sexualized money-maker.  Consequently, the medium as a whole has evolved into a huge pandering fest.  The amount of high school club anime and Cute Girl Doing X Azumanga 4-koma ripoffs is too damn high!  FUUZAKENNA!!!  Those with moe… fear us!  Those without… seek us!  Anime should be judged by us, the Order of the Black Moe!  Nevertheless, moe is not a bad thing.  It can be used as an asset to the story instead of deliberately basing entire works around it just to sell.  The lack of creativity has somewhat cheapened its supposed effect, at least for us.  The personality archetypes overtime has become increasingly paper-thin, cliched, and not very “human.”  There are good moe characters, but steering away from artificial-klutzy-bubbly-air-heady-inhuman blobs requires major balls.  This is the overall theme of our blog: a creative, ballsy, brave new moe, with depths and substance.

“Shut up Skanner!  We only pick that name because of your inability to come up with something better.  Seriously, a lame series of blog names consists of dystopian sci-fi ripoffs.  Moe 451, Do Moe Dream of Electric Sheeps, Moe Farm, Moerunners, The Moetrix…  Stop giving us second-hand embarrassment.”

To tell you the truth, he puts no thoughts behind the name whatsoever.  Don’t believe him, he is just a pretentious jerk who wants to appear cool and cynical!

Despite his little rant, we don’t hate moe.  We cover anime episodically, like the other hundreds of anime blogs.

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