Akame Ga Kill 7-12 Reactions

Akame ga Kill - 09 - Large 31

The face that made the ship engines go overdrive.

To be or not to be. That is the question.  Or to live or not to live.  Death is something people usually grieve at and questions why it even exists in our world.  If someone close to you died then of course you will grieve over the loss of a loved one.  And here that’s what the main character has to go through.  If I were in that my mental capabilities would cease immediately.  However, some hilarity does come to I guess forget that ever happened.

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Rail Wars Episode 4-6 Impressions


Well ain’t that a different view.

Dayum.  Remember when I said that fanservice was pretty minimal? Nyope. These 3 episodes have chock full of bewbz and arse all around with a lot and a lot of blushing.  Looks like this show is training itself to go to the shipping lanes.And that’s no. No. No.  Why would you do such a thing to me.  It has suddenly taken a turn for the worst.  All I wanted was a train related anime that talked about the trainz.  Now. Now. Continue reading

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 1-3 Impressions

Sailor Moon Crystal - 01 - Large 34

Welcome Back Sailor Moon

I will first open with this statement.  I am not a big fan of this reboot. Maybe its just my nostalgic urges that doesn’t want change that rising before me but hey what can I do about that. I’m a human being.  For those that may know Sailor Moon it was a very straight forward magical girls without this deconstruction craze of the 21st century with Madoka Magica (still love you) and Princess Tutu (still love you) that dealt with stuff like defeating evil to do cutesy stuff and in the end save the day and stuff along with the classic close to a minute long transformation sequence. Continue reading

Rail Wars Episode 1-3 Impressions

RAIL WARS - OP - Large 09

What a wonderful morning! Get up from the bed, wash up, eat breakfast, and finally time to watch some anime. And here it comes!!!! CHOO CHOO TWAIN!!! Here we have Rail Wars, a story when I first saw its premise just mesmerized me. An anime all about trains and operating them sounded like a really really funny idea. Also I like trains starting from when I was a child to now, its shapes and its sound forever enlighten me with bliss. But here was my chance to see if this anime with trains as its focal point was any good. So let’s go Studio… Passione??? Continue reading