Whoa, you’re all still here? (UPDATE)

So it’s been 3 years since this blog ended, and to my surprise I still get traffic from all the posts we’ve made. I’m truly thankful for all of you still checking in, so I thought maybe it’d be for the best if I return for a bit. I won’t be hitting a set schedule, but I’m going to try making some posts again at least for another year. In the meantime, here are some old posts I’ve made for my other blog that might catch your interest.

One Piece Film: Strong World (is not THAT good)


Fragtime: the gayest ep of Kokoro Connect


Welcome to the Space Show (a beautifully rendered mess)


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (and why I don’t hate it anymore)


I’ve also made some anime mashups on my Youtube channel, thought copyright has been really bad recently.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Welp, 18 months have passed since I last posted anything and my only excuse is a lack of motivation. Ever since exploring TV shows, cartoons and ESPECIALLY older anime, I’ve found myself dedicating less time to digging into seasonal anime (at least until recently). Nowadays a seasonal show has to immediately grab my attention before even picking it up, and previous attempts to put my thoughts into words (of which there are many) have either devolved into sentence-long blurbs or paragraphs of mindless rambling.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing, but I have gotten tired of speculation on what could possibly be good or stating the obvious on shows that have just been finished recently. I’d rather gush/rant about shows I genuinely care about or dabble in storytelling of my own. Having said all that, I don’t want to leave this on a silent note like past writers. I at least want to let you know that I’ve been actively watching shows when I could (check my MAL for proof), and have several drafts for posts I plan to finish (in the middle of posting one right now). I’ve made a back-up blog you can find a link below with some drafts in the work (Stephen’s Ramblings) and Stuart111 has flourished with his blog (An Overlooking View). Whether I write here or there depends on my mood, but i’ll announce it here if that becomes the case.


For a quick update of what’s been going on, I’ve spent much time talking to fellow bloggers via twitter. I went to AX last year and had a great time attending the Your Name premiere, seeing Shoji Kawamori and Gigguk, and watching Re Zero for the first time. Food Wars has also inspired me to cook, Boku no Hero Academia has been a blast, and UCHOUTEN KAZOKU got a SEASON 2!!! Star vs the Forces of Evil is my favorite cartoon, and I finally got to play Persona 4 Golden. Also Macross Delta is the first great Macross show in over a decade, and seeing Kawamori while it was airing was a big fanboy moment for me.


A lot has happened in the time I’ve been gone, and I felt that this death should be announced officially before we move on. Thank you for following this time and hope you’ve had a good time reading this content.

Stuart’s Blog:


My Back-up:








Winter 2016 Decisions

winter 2016

Ok, we aren’t gonna try to even excuse our output lately. With school starting up again and other interests on the side, we just haven’t found the time to post when we want too. Not to mention this season hasn’t been too exciting when it comes to new releases, so we’ll mostly be focusing on catching up to half a year of posts. As for me, i’ve gotten into a slew of older anime and even caught up to a lot cartoons (Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Star vs the forces of evil, Gravity Falls). And to top it all off, the new year brought us the end of the most popular anime podcast, PODTAKU! It was quite the shock to see them break off as they were part of what motivated me to form this blog. But even with the lack of members, I still would like this blog to survive. We might start changing focus if necessary so that all anime are included, but for now we’ll try keeping it running the way it is at least until summer. I’ll try pushing out posts for more current shows and add posts for those from last year in between. Thanks for your patience and here’s our choices. (In the meantime, check out Stuart’s personal blog An Overlooking View) Continue reading

Tsukimonogatari + AssClass ep 12-22 impressions


Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’ve all had a great time with family and friends, and hope you’ve all seen STAR WARS! We’re truly thankful with your patience thus far and hope our recent posts have met your expectations. Here’s a blast from the past and a signal to catch up. The surprise became too long to fit here, so expect an entire post for that. Continue reading

Fall 2015 decisions


Yes we know that we’re barely making it through spring, but we ain’t going nowhere. Everything we’ve promised WILL be out before the end of the year and we WILL cover this season as well. It’s crunch time for us folks, so here’s a taste of what we’ll give this year (check the bottom for what’s in progress). Continue reading

Summer 2015 decisions


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it one more time: we thank you all for being so patient with us and we’ll catch up to everything before starting this new season. In order to do so, we’ll also be limiting our intake of shows to 3 per season. A shame because this season seems plentiful, but to the unblogged corner they go. Also if a show hasn’t been updated by the time it’s finished and it doesn’t get an overall impression, it’s likely to end up in the unblogged posts (expect Denpa Kyoushi and Owari no Seraph). That being said, here’s a list of what we’ll eventually cover while we catch up on the past season. Edit: To avoid a rushed post, Stuart111 has given me the responsibility of Knights of Sidonia 2. Depending on how much material it gives me, expect it to either have its own post or show up in the unblogged territory. Continue reading

Unblogged shows of Winter 2015


Yes we’re fully aware that we’re a season behind, but we’re currently working as fast as we can to bring you the best quality per post. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of good anime covered during the winter, so let’s include some shows that started during Fall 2014. I’ll be using the same format as last year, but now i’m starting to drop shows I feel aren’t worth sticking with (which is rare) and i’ll also comment on shows my fellow writers have already covered starting spring. After all, there’s always room for more opinions. 🙂 Continue reading