Durarara X2 Shou ep 7-12 “final” impressions

Hey kids! Let's play a fun game called KICK THE GODDAMN MINIVAN!!!

Hey kids! Let’s play a fun game called KICK THE GODDAMN MINIVAN!!!

If escalating chaos was this show’s goal, it delivered in spades for both the present and future. Continue reading

Death Parade ep 7-12 final impressions

Death Parade - 12 - Large 39

Much like the results of these games, Death Parade won’t promise you a perfect time or an ideal answer. What it will promise you is a sincere plea to appreciate life, and it definitely worked for me. Once again I apologize for the lateness of both last season and this season when it comes to posts, but personal matters and college finals drain a lot of energy. We’ll catch up during the month of June and start the summer season on time. Thank you for all your patience. Continue reading

Unblogged shows of Fall 2014+Late mentions

I'm not in this list, but only because I'm too perfect

I’m not in this list, but only because I’m flawless

The new season has already started, but we’re still running behind. Thankfully due to a larger staff, there aren’t as many shows that have been left out. So to make up for lost time, i’m also going to be listing shows that kept me entertained or astounded throughout the year with no mention in previous posts. No ongoing shows will be included, but expect a final opinion on next season’s post(Garo, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shirobako). Also special mention to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn for leaving me at a loss for words for how perfect it is! Continue reading