Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 1-5 Impressions DROPPED

UntitledAh. My third Rumiko Takahashi work that I watched.  And the latest one too.  What do I think of it?  It’s… decent.  I’ll be honest I did not enjoy it as much as I did with Ranma 1/2.  It just feels… hollow.   And annoying.

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Shokugeki no Soma Episode 1-3 impressions


More to Come

It’s FINALLY HERE!  Food. Food. Food.  I demand moar food!  Yes.  I have read the manga because people wouldn’t stop talking about it.  And when I actually picked it up, I had my doubts.  But the more I read, the more I wanted to read the next chapter.  And who doesn’t like food in their life?  And this caters to the hidden desire we have for those delicious food.  Who knows, it might be educational…. or at least hints at education. Continue reading

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace – Ep 1-3 Impressions

Screenshot (295)

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace is a strange creation. Based off the work of famous Japanese author Edogawa Rampo (Yes, that is how Americans spell his last name. It goes against the title of the show, I know) and airing on the high profile Noitamina block on Fuji TV, this show’s concept and ideas seem to scream out that it’s a passion project. After all, that’s what most Noitamina shows are: high concept works made by experimental creators. However, one look at the staff and that image will be immediately wiped from your mind. Seiji Kishi as director? Makoto Uezu on series composition? Now, while I think these two get a lot more flack than they deserve, I think it’s still pretty safe to say their output has been mixed in quality (Humanity has Declined, Danganronpa). Still, I kept my hopes up and went in optimistic, and came out pretty torn on what to think. Ranpo Kitan may not be the trainwreck I was dreading it to be, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few very crippling flaws. Continue reading

Sound! Euphonium – Ep 8-13 Final Impressions

Screenshot (251)

You know, even though I really liked the first few episodes of Sound! Euphonium, I still wasn’t in love with the show.  I thought it was really good, but like a lot of other KyoAni shows there was a slight disconnect from my enjoyment and my opinions. However, that is definitely not the case with this second half. From the moment I finished episode 8, I couldn’t stop myself from watching the rest of the show. Now this is probably just me, but I’m not that good at marathoning anime. After two-four episodes I usually want to stop watching and move onto something else. This is especially true with shows I’m writing posts about, since I have to take screenshots and write notes about it while I’m watching. And yet, I almost burned through these remaining six episodes in one afternoon. And when a show hooks me that well, I know it’s something special. Continue reading

Summer 2015 decisions


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it one more time: we thank you all for being so patient with us and we’ll catch up to everything before starting this new season. In order to do so, we’ll also be limiting our intake of shows to 3 per season. A shame because this season seems plentiful, but to the unblogged corner they go. Also if a show hasn’t been updated by the time it’s finished and it doesn’t get an overall impression, it’s likely to end up in the unblogged posts (expect Denpa Kyoushi and Owari no Seraph). That being said, here’s a list of what we’ll eventually cover while we catch up on the past season. Edit: To avoid a rushed post, Stuart111 has given me the responsibility of Knights of Sidonia 2. Depending on how much material it gives me, expect it to either have its own post or show up in the unblogged territory. Continue reading

Kekkai Sensen – Ep 5-10 Impressions

Screenshot (222)

Guys, I think I made a mistake trying to cover this show. Never before have I encountered a show that I love so much, yet struggle so hard to understand. Every episode feels like it’s teeming with details I’m missing, pieces of the proverbial puzzle slipping right past my mind. Which probably just shows how surprisingly intricate and well made Kekkai Sensen is. Even after 10 episodes, the show is still just as surprising and beautiful as it was at the beginning. I feel strangely unqualified to try to decipher this. Still, I’ll try my best, so let’s dive on in! Continue reading

Punch Line – Ep 5-12 Final Impressions

Screenshot (217)

You know, out of all the anime I’ve covered, Punch Line has definitely been the craziest when it comes to quality shifts. Yes, even more than Saekano and SAO II. Trying to explain all of the emotions I felt while watching this trainwreck masterpiece is challenging. I’ve hated the show, liked it, it’s annoyed me, and left me sad and intrigued, but by the finale it ended up being, well… Fun. Just a fun, crazy rollercoaster full of twist and turns, strange ideas, and heart; and I love it for that. Continue reading