Grisaia no Kajitsu ep 4-7 impressions

Welcome to maid-san's little bomb workshop

Welcome to maid-san’s little bomb workshop

You know your show has problems when the drama is more hilarious than the comedy. Continue reading

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Ep 3-7 Impressions


After writing my first post about Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, I didn’t really know what to expect from the series’ upcoming episodes. There were still twenty episodes ahead of me, and while those two episodes were some top of the heap stuff, there was no guarantee that the quality would remain consistent. And in many ways I still hold that fear! I fear that this wonderful ride of gorgeous character writing, animation, and music will crash and burn under its ambition; but if there’s one thing that these newest episodes have proven to me, it’s that I won’t have to worry about that just yet. Luckily for me Shigatsu is still extremely compelling, and I’m enjoying it more than ever! Continue reading

Sword Art Online II – Episodes 17-19 Impressions

into the abyss

Sword Art Online II has been on a bit of a downhill slide recently. I mean first we had episode 13, and then we had the boring Calibur arc which, to be quite frank, felt extremely pointless. I understand it was a filler arc, but even then it didn’t offer anything really fun character or action wise. Yeah I guess there were two good fight scenes, but they honestly didn’t impress me that much. However, if there is one glimmer of hope in this mound of boredom it’s that Sword Art Online has still remained intriguing throughout, and that my drive to see it end hasn’t decreased at all! In fact, it may be improving after all. Continue reading

Log Horizon S2 Episode 1-6 Impressions

log horizon

* Warning*


Now if you couldn’t tell, the OP song ” Database” easily takes a spot in one of my favorite all-time anime openings. And that song obviously belongs to the MMO anime that makes SAO eat shit, Log Horizon. And i’m hear to give you all my impressions on Log Horizon S2! Onto the review of the first six episodes !

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World Trigger – Ep 1-4 (First & Last) Impressions

my face every episode

World Trigger is bad. I mean just look at the title of this post and the screenshot above, and you’ll understand that World Trigger is a very bad show. Which is weird because from everything I had heard about this show up until it aired, it seemed like it was nothing but potential. Not only was it based off a pretty well received shonen manga, but it also had a unique art style and a fun, albeit generic premise. What could possibly go wrong?… Well I’ll tell you what went wrong: EVERYTHING! Continue reading