Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 19-24 Final Impressions

yona of the dawn

Why do things always have to end just when they hit their peak? Seriously, why isn’t there like 24 more episodes I can look forward to with this series? Yes, Akatsuki no Yona is over, for the time being anyway. And as such, I can now spend the next few months complaining about how I can no longer look forward to a new episode of it every Tuesday. The series has sadly ended on a bit of non-note, but luckily for us viewers, we got one of the best arcs yet to satisfy us for now. Wow, I’m going to miss this show! Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 13-18 Impressions

fiery eyes

Wow, Akatsuki no Yona just does not let up. It never wants me to doubt it again, and at this point I really can’t. It has proven itself as an impeccable piece of shoujo fantasy fiction, and the reason for that really all comes down to the characters. They’re constantly charming, constantly developing, and constantly likable. Even the villain is incredibly enjoyable. Akatsuki no Yona’s quality just keeps skyrocketing, in spite of the occasionally slow pacing, and I suspect that its only going to keep improving as it heads toward the finale. Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 9-12 Impressions

title card

Well this post is late… Anyways, hello everyone, it’s been a while, but today I’ll be finally finishing off all of Akatsuki no Yona’s Fall season episodes. Yaaaah! So yeah Akatsuki no Yona has been pretty great recently. Considering how much I didn’t really care for the first four episodes, it’s rather amazing to see how much the series has improved over the course of the last season. Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 5-8 Impressions

fire in her eyes

Wow that was fast! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series improve so quickly after writing a post about it. I mean literally episodes 5 and 6 improved on everything I complained about in my first post. Yona’s development picked up the pace, the relationship between her and Hak got more focus, and while it’s still somewhat generic, it’s execution has improved tenfold! I’m not quite sure what happened in the production here, but I’m just going to assume that the series was just getting off to a slow start. Either that or Akatsuki no Yona really wanted to prove my original opinion on it wrong! Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 1-4 Impressions

Title card

Princess Yona of the Kingdom of Kouka has always had an easygoing life. Her father, King Il, is a peace loving King, and she’s always treated with the best gifts and play time with her best friends, the bodyguard Son Hak, and Soo-won, her cousin crush. Yona has always loved Soo-won, and on her sixteenth birthday she’s excited to see him yet again. Her day of celebration quickly takes a turn for the worse however, as she finds Soo-won murdering her Father on the night of her birthday. She also discovers that Soo-won has been planning King Il’s downfall ever since his Father’s mysterious death, which he claims to have been a murder committed by her Father. Yona is devastated, but luckily Hak is able to whisk her away into the mountains, keeping her safe from harm. Continue reading