Kekkai Sensen – Ep 11-12 Final Impressions

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It’s finally time. Yep, after three months of waiting for it, the finale of Kekkai Sensen aired on TV, allowing me to finally talk about this series’ final two episodes. Really, I would complain about the delay, but honestly these final two episodes are so amazing that I find it hard to care. The show may have left me bated on a cliffhanger for months, but when I see something this, well, perfect, I can’t help but forgive it for all its transgressions. I mean I loved these final episodes so much I watched them both twice, and the final episode is 46 minutes!… Okay 46 minutes of beauty, but that still means I spent an hour and half of my life just watching this one episode. And to be honest, I would do it all over again. Continue reading

Kekkai Sensen – Ep 5-10 Impressions

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Guys, I think I made a mistake trying to cover this show. Never before have I encountered a show that I love so much, yet struggle so hard to understand. Every episode feels like it’s teeming with details I’m missing, pieces of the proverbial puzzle slipping right past my mind. Which probably just shows how surprisingly intricate and well made Kekkai Sensen is. Even after 10 episodes, the show is still just as surprising and beautiful as it was at the beginning. I feel strangely unqualified to try to decipher this. Still, I’ll try my best, so let’s dive on in! Continue reading

Kekkai Sensen – Ep 1-4 Impressions

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Let’s get my opinion about this show clear, just to be safe; Kekkai Sensen is something you really should watch. I’m not joking when I say this show is so impressive that I think it has the potential to become a classic up there with the likes of Cowboy Bebop and other anime classics of Adult Swim fame. You think I’m joking right, well I’m not. Not only is Kekkai Sensen one of the most visually impressive action spectacles I’ve seen in recent years, but it also has an emotionally interesting story that could potentially put some substance behind the enjoyable presentation. Kekkai Sensen is really that good! Continue reading