Tsukimonogatari + AssClass ep 12-22 impressions


Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’ve all had a great time with family and friends, and hope you’ve all seen STAR WARS! We’re truly thankful with your patience thus far and hope our recent posts have met your expectations. Here’s a blast from the past and a signal to catch up. The surprise became too long to fit here, so expect an entire post for that. Continue reading

Monogatari Series 2nd season ep 15-16 impressions


As expected, ep 16 is a recap of ep 13-15 of Bakemonogatari and the entirety of Nisemonogatari. Now that we’ve recapped everything other than this season, my guess is that we’ll never see them again. While the recaps were pleasant reminders of past series, all they really do is take up space in the ep count. What isn’t pleasant is the lack of a conclusion for Nadeko’s arc, but it’s definitely headed into a less trivial story than the previous arcs. NO ONE IS SAFE! Continue reading

Monogatari Series 2nd Season ep 11-12 impressions


The wise words of an immortal pervert

Once again we have a recap episode, this time focusing on ep 1-12 of Bakemonogatari and having half of it focused on Senjougahara. Nice touch in having Araragi poke at how rushed it all is, but i’m sure these recaps are getting annoying. So thank god they only take up one ep each and don’t recap the stuff that just aired. Continue reading