Kiseijuu – Episodes 19-24 Final Impressions

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Oh Kiseijuu, how you disappoint me. Yep, after a long delay, I’m finally back to cover the ending of this show. Now I’m not going to lie, despite the fact that I’m going to say a lot of harsh things about it, I want to make one thing clear: Kiseijuu isn’t terrible. I don’t think it’s a masterpiece of fiction, but it still has a lot of good elements that make it a nice thriller (Elements which I will be mentioning in this post). However, that still doesn’t mean I don’t feel burned by the dip in quality this thing took. The first half had some of my favorite moments from any show that aired last year, and for it to all end on a whimper, well, it’s depressing. Still there’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get this show on the road! Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episodes 13-18 Impressions

baby watch

Watching a show while it’s airing is a shaky process. Depending on how good the weekly episode is, your opinion can change on a dime, and this is something I don’t particularly like about reviewing seasonal shows. Sometimes I wonder if I could just watch the show I was negative towards all in one go, maybe my critical view would be different. For example, Terror in Resonance got a lot of crap from people while it was airing, including myself, and the whole time I couldn’t help but think: Maybe it’s better over the span of a few days, than the span of three whole months. I mean people can get so deterred by one or two below average episodes of an otherwise good show, and I just want to say, “Jeez! Don’t jump the gun so quickly!” Of course then I watch Kiseijuu, and I feel like a complete hypocrite! Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episodes 10-12 Impressions

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while, again… Yeah, sorry for being late for this Kiseijuu post, finals happened, and as we all know, finals are annoying. So anyways, how has Kiseijuu been recently? Well it’s been a little bit disappointing to be honest. I mean don’t get me wrong, these three episodes of Kiseijuu definitely aren’t bad in the traditional sense, and when compared to most schlock out there, they’re still well above average. However, when compared to the rest of the series, these episodes just aren’t as well made. The writing takes a lot of cliché turns, and in general they really don’t showcase Kiseijuu at its best. Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episodes 5-9 Impressions

tears and blood

Yikes, it’s been a while hasn’t it! Yeah, sorry I haven’t been very consistent with this series lately, real life happened, and as we all know, real life is a jerk. Anyways, with that small disclaimer being said, how have the past 5 episodes of Kiseijuu been? Well, if I had to be frank, they’ve been pretty dang good! Kiseijuu is still going very strong, with the show’s interesting themes of humanity and survival instinct being pushed to the forefront in these most recent episodes. The characters are intriguing, the plot salivating, and the animation as consistently Madhouse as ever. And with this other disclaimer said, on with the post! Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episode 1 Impressions

rough time

Shinichi has not been having a good day. Last night he had a strange incident where he swore he saw a snake like creature burrow into his arm, and now things just seem to be getting worse and worse. First he grabs his friend Murano’s boob for no reason, and then during class he somehow accidentally turns his phone on. And this all made more confusing by the fact that he somehow stops a car from hitting a little girl on the way home! Before he knows it his right hand is suddenly speaking to him and morphing into a strange blob with eyes and a mouth, and it tells him it’s an alien that has taken over his right arm. Yep, Shinichi’s day could not get any worse… Or could it? Continue reading