Punch Line – Ep 5-12 Final Impressions

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You know, out of all the anime I’ve covered, Punch Line has definitely been the craziest when it comes to quality shifts. Yes, even more than Saekano and SAO II. Trying to explain all of the emotions I felt while watching this trainwreck masterpiece is challenging. I’ve hated the show, liked it, it’s annoyed me, and left me sad and intrigued, but by the finale it ended up being, well… Fun. Just a fun, crazy rollercoaster full of twist and turns, strange ideas, and heart; and I love it for that. Continue reading

Punch Line – Ep 1-4 Impressions

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Punch Line is a terrible piece of garbage, and I absolutely love it. Okay maybe love is a strong word, but I haven’t found a show this confusingly awful yet amazing in a long time. And when I say awful, I mean awful. The plot here is ridiculously idiotic, the fan service is so over the top it seems like it can’t go any further, and it’s attempts at comedy are laughably generic. However, and I say this completely sincerely, the aesthetics are amazing to look at, the character writing is strangely naturalistic and tonally jarring with the rest of the show, and there seems to be something potentially great lurking underneath the surface of panty lines and ridiculous ghost time travel. This show is the weirdest combination of terrible content, and amazing talent that I have ever seen. So let’s talk about it! Continue reading