Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Reaction

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha - 01 - Large 02

Remember the phrase “Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover”? Well continue doing that because you are going to judge something even if you realize it or not.  But anyways, Rokujouma was one of the shows that I had one of the least expectations for.  Think Infinite Stratos 2… no, no, no there is a large fan base for that. Um…. Wizard Barrister.  There we go.  By the way, that was some trip I had to go through…. in a bad way.  I’m getting off track but yea i had low expectation for this anime but, thankfully, I was 100% wrong.  Not only did this show pass me as an acceptable candy but it became one of my favorites in this season. Continue reading

Rail Wars Episode 4-6 Impressions


Well ain’t that a different view.

Dayum.  Remember when I said that fanservice was pretty minimal? Nyope. These 3 episodes have chock full of bewbz and arse all around with a lot and a lot of blushing.  Looks like this show is training itself to go to the shipping lanes.And that’s no. No. No.  Why would you do such a thing to me.  It has suddenly taken a turn for the worst.  All I wanted was a train related anime that talked about the trainz.  Now. Now. Continue reading

Rail Wars Episode 1-3 Impressions

RAIL WARS - OP - Large 09

What a wonderful morning! Get up from the bed, wash up, eat breakfast, and finally time to watch some anime. And here it comes!!!! CHOO CHOO TWAIN!!! Here we have Rail Wars, a story when I first saw its premise just mesmerized me. An anime all about trains and operating them sounded like a really really funny idea. Also I like trains starting from when I was a child to now, its shapes and its sound forever enlighten me with bliss. But here was my chance to see if this anime with trains as its focal point was any good. So let’s go Studio… Passione??? Continue reading