Saekano – Episodes 9-12 Final Impressions

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My opinion on Saekano has been extremely skitzophrenic. I’ve jumped from hating it, to liking it, to loving it, and now I’ve settled down into a feeling a dissatisfaction. Okay dissatisfaction is a strong word, because it implies there was something to be disatisfied by, and that simply isn’t the case with Saekano. Continue reading

Saekano – Episodes 4-8 Impressions

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Dang it Saekano! Why do you do this to me!? Sigh… Okay, so I was maybe a little off in my first post about this show. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still find a lot of what I said pretty valid. The plot is wonderbread generic, the characters are all archetypes (Except for Megumi, of course), and show has a disrespectful attitude towards its quality. However, and I say this quite begrudgingly, I liked these past few episodes. GASP! Continue reading