Sound! Euphonium – Ep 1-7 Impressions

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I’ve never had a very strong relationship with Kyoto Animation. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched and liked a few of their classic shows, but I feel like I still have so much territory to cover. In fact, there’s so many anime in their oeuvre that I have yet to see that I’m honestly shocked I decided to pick up this show. And yet something about it drew me in. Maybe it was the instruments, or maybe it was the character designs, but something about this screamed potential. Luckily I was completely right, since Sound Euphonium is a great high-school melodrama filled with relatable characters and gorgeously detailed animation. Continue reading

Punch Line – Ep 1-4 Impressions

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Punch Line is a terrible piece of garbage, and I absolutely love it. Okay maybe love is a strong word, but I haven’t found a show this confusingly awful yet amazing in a long time. And when I say awful, I mean awful. The plot here is ridiculously idiotic, the fan service is so over the top it seems like it can’t go any further, and it’s attempts at comedy are laughably generic. However, and I say this completely sincerely, the aesthetics are amazing to look at, the character writing is strangely naturalistic and tonally jarring with the rest of the show, and there seems to be something potentially great lurking underneath the surface of panty lines and ridiculous ghost time travel. This show is the weirdest combination of terrible content, and amazing talent that I have ever seen. So let’s talk about it! Continue reading

Kekkai Sensen – Ep 1-4 Impressions

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Let’s get my opinion about this show clear, just to be safe; Kekkai Sensen is something you really should watch. I’m not joking when I say this show is so impressive that I think it has the potential to become a classic up there with the likes of Cowboy Bebop and other anime classics of Adult Swim fame. You think I’m joking right, well I’m not. Not only is Kekkai Sensen one of the most visually impressive action spectacles I’ve seen in recent years, but it also has an emotionally interesting story that could potentially put some substance behind the enjoyable presentation. Kekkai Sensen is really that good! Continue reading