Tokyo Ghoul √A – Episodes 5-12 Final Impressions

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Can someone explain to me why the finales in this winter season have been destroying me emotionally? I mean first there was Death Parade, then Maria the Virgin Witch, then Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and now Tokyo Ghoul, a show which I didn’t feel that strongly towards, has also crushed me. Thank god I only just started watching Shirobako or I might have turned into a ball of mush… So yeah, in case you couldn’t tell already, Tokyo Ghoul season two killed it on the finale, and no, that was not meant to be taken as a literal joke in any way. In general though this second season has been amazing, improving some elements, while sadly maintaining some of the first season’s writing flaws. Continue reading

Tokyo Ghoul √A – Episodes 1-4 Impressions

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A lot of people were really hard on the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, for some very understandable reasons. The anime basically clips out the major moments from the original manga in order to fit about half of its content into 12 episodes. It probably didn’t help that, at its core, the plot is really just another X-Men like story about societal outcasts trying to show everyone that they’re human too. Also censoring. But despite all of these visible issues, I found it really easy to love and appreciate Tokyo Ghoul. Continue reading