Unblogged shows of Winter 2015


Yes we’re fully aware that we’re a season behind, but we’re currently working as fast as we can to bring you the best quality per post. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of good anime covered during the winter, so let’s include some shows that started during Fall 2014. I’ll be using the same format as last year, but now i’m starting to drop shows I feel aren’t worth sticking with (which is rare) and i’ll also comment on shows my fellow writers have already covered starting spring. After all, there’s always room for more opinions. 🙂 Continue reading

Unblogged shows of Fall 2014+Late mentions

I'm not in this list, but only because I'm too perfect

I’m not in this list, but only because I’m flawless

The new season has already started, but we’re still running behind. Thankfully due to a larger staff, there aren’t as many shows that have been left out. So to make up for lost time, i’m also going to be listing shows that kept me entertained or astounded throughout the year with no mention in previous posts. No ongoing shows will be included, but expect a final opinion on next season’s post(Garo, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shirobako). Also special mention to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn for leaving me at a loss for words for how perfect it is! Continue reading

Unblogged series of winter 2014

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With so many series coming each season and so few writers here, it’d be impossible to cover every show this season. Even this list here is a fraction of what was available, but I plan to do this more often in future seasons until we get more writers. So without further ado, these are the shows this season that I felt deserved a mention regardless of not being blogged(no Super Sonico, Witchcraft Works, or Sakura Trick). Continue reading