Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2 – Review

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Back in the summer season of 2015, I was absolutely in love with Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. I adored its characters, relationships, setting, animation, basically everything it had to offer. I will admit that it’s not the greatest shoujo series to have ever graced the world of anime, but what it lacked in intricate writing was more than made up for by the beautiful atmosphere the first season presented. The show streamed on Funimation.com every Monday here in the States, so watching Shirayuki was like an exercise of after work relaxation for many people. Sometimes you need a complex piece of fiction, but other times you just need something heartwarming and optimistic. Shirayuki definitely filled that void for me (while also just been really well put together in general), so I was clamoring for the second season even before the first one aired its final episode. So, did the second season live up to my high expectations? Continue reading

ERASED – Overall Impressions

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Disclaimer: This post contains some very, very minor spoilers. Also in case you need a brief plot summary, I’ve linked one in the opening paragraph. Just click on the first mention of the show’s title and that should take you to it’s MAL page.

Last season I covered a show called The Perfect Insider: A Noitamina block mystery anime produced by A-1 Pictures that was a fascinating character drama with a downplayed mystery– at least until the ending came around and ruined everything. And today I’ll be covering ERASED (otherwise known as Boku dake ga Inai Machi): A Noitamina block mystery anime produced by A-1 Pictures that is a fascinating character drama throughout a majority of its short runtime– at least until it’s tenth episode where it stumbles and then disappoints a majority of its audience… Huh. That’s weirdly similar. Continue reading

Tsukimonogatari + AssClass ep 12-22 impressions


Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’ve all had a great time with family and friends, and hope you’ve all seen STAR WARS! We’re truly thankful with your patience thus far and hope our recent posts have met your expectations. Here’s a blast from the past and a signal to catch up. The surprise became too long to fit here, so expect an entire post for that. Continue reading

Unblogged shows of Winter 2015


Yes we’re fully aware that we’re a season behind, but we’re currently working as fast as we can to bring you the best quality per post. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of good anime covered during the winter, so let’s include some shows that started during Fall 2014. I’ll be using the same format as last year, but now i’m starting to drop shows I feel aren’t worth sticking with (which is rare) and i’ll also comment on shows my fellow writers have already covered starting spring. After all, there’s always room for more opinions. 🙂 Continue reading

Death Parade ep 7-12 final impressions

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Much like the results of these games, Death Parade won’t promise you a perfect time or an ideal answer. What it will promise you is a sincere plea to appreciate life, and it definitely worked for me. Once again I apologize for the lateness of both last season and this season when it comes to posts, but personal matters and college finals drain a lot of energy. We’ll catch up during the month of June and start the summer season on time. Thank you for all your patience. Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episodes 19-24 Final Impressions

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Oh Kiseijuu, how you disappoint me. Yep, after a long delay, I’m finally back to cover the ending of this show. Now I’m not going to lie, despite the fact that I’m going to say a lot of harsh things about it, I want to make one thing clear: Kiseijuu isn’t terrible. I don’t think it’s a masterpiece of fiction, but it still has a lot of good elements that make it a nice thriller (Elements which I will be mentioning in this post). However, that still doesn’t mean I don’t feel burned by the dip in quality this thing took. The first half had some of my favorite moments from any show that aired last year, and for it to all end on a whimper, well, it’s depressing. Still there’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get this show on the road! Continue reading

Tokyo Ghoul √A – Episodes 5-12 Final Impressions

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Can someone explain to me why the finales in this winter season have been destroying me emotionally? I mean first there was Death Parade, then Maria the Virgin Witch, then Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and now Tokyo Ghoul, a show which I didn’t feel that strongly towards, has also crushed me. Thank god I only just started watching Shirobako or I might have turned into a ball of mush… So yeah, in case you couldn’t tell already, Tokyo Ghoul season two killed it on the finale, and no, that was not meant to be taken as a literal joke in any way. In general though this second season has been amazing, improving some elements, while sadly maintaining some of the first season’s writing flaws. Continue reading

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Ep 16-22 Final Impressions

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As the gust of warm spring air starts to blow from the south, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso finally comes to its conclusion. Every piece is it’s in place, every character is in a crisis, and we finally get to see it all play out in these final episodes. Now, you may be wondering, why did I decided to cram all of these episodes into one post. Well there are two reasons: One, I suck at time management, and I figured it would be better to not waste your time with two posts that would probably only be a few days apart, and two, there wouldn’t be a lot to talk about otherwise. That being said, how did I like this closing arc for Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso? Well, I can safely say that the final three episodes were absolutely stunning, and really should be watched by all. The others, eh, not so much. Continue reading