Saekano – Episodes 9-12 Final Impressions

bed loving 2

My opinion on Saekano has been extremely skitzophrenic. I’ve jumped from hating it, to liking it, to loving it, and now I’ve settled down into a feeling a dissatisfaction. Okay dissatisfaction is a strong word, because it implies there was something to be disatisfied by, and that simply isn’t the case with Saekano. Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 19-24 Final Impressions

yona of the dawn

Why do things always have to end just when they hit their peak? Seriously, why isn’t there like 24 more episodes I can look forward to with this series? Yes, Akatsuki no Yona is over, for the time being anyway. And as such, I can now spend the next few months complaining about how I can no longer look forward to a new episode of it every Tuesday. The series has sadly ended on a bit of non-note, but luckily for us viewers, we got one of the best arcs yet to satisfy us for now. Wow, I’m going to miss this show! Continue reading

Saekano – Episodes 4-8 Impressions

title card

Dang it Saekano! Why do you do this to me!? Sigh… Okay, so I was maybe a little off in my first post about this show. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still find a lot of what I said pretty valid. The plot is wonderbread generic, the characters are all archetypes (Except for Megumi, of course), and show has a disrespectful attitude towards its quality. However, and I say this quite begrudgingly, I liked these past few episodes. GASP! Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona – Episodes 13-18 Impressions

fiery eyes

Wow, Akatsuki no Yona just does not let up. It never wants me to doubt it again, and at this point I really can’t. It has proven itself as an impeccable piece of shoujo fantasy fiction, and the reason for that really all comes down to the characters. They’re constantly charming, constantly developing, and constantly likable. Even the villain is incredibly enjoyable. Akatsuki no Yona’s quality just keeps skyrocketing, in spite of the occasionally slow pacing, and I suspect that its only going to keep improving as it heads toward the finale. Continue reading

Kiseijuu – Episodes 13-18 Impressions

baby watch

Watching a show while it’s airing is a shaky process. Depending on how good the weekly episode is, your opinion can change on a dime, and this is something I don’t particularly like about reviewing seasonal shows. Sometimes I wonder if I could just watch the show I was negative towards all in one go, maybe my critical view would be different. For example, Terror in Resonance got a lot of crap from people while it was airing, including myself, and the whole time I couldn’t help but think: Maybe it’s better over the span of a few days, than the span of three whole months. I mean people can get so deterred by one or two below average episodes of an otherwise good show, and I just want to say, “Jeez! Don’t jump the gun so quickly!” Of course then I watch Kiseijuu, and I feel like a complete hypocrite! Continue reading