Rail Wars Episode 4-6 Impressions


Well ain’t that a different view.

Dayum.  Remember when I said that fanservice was pretty minimal? Nyope. These 3 episodes have chock full of bewbz and arse all around with a lot and a lot of blushing.  Looks like this show is training itself to go to the shipping lanes.And that’s no. No. No.  Why would you do such a thing to me.  It has suddenly taken a turn for the worst.  All I wanted was a train related anime that talked about the trainz.  Now. Now.


You complete me train.

 Look I’m alright with  romance.  I have hormone and am a human being.  But all I asked, all I’ve asked, ALL I’VE ASKED was just a simple story about trains, the train safety employees or whatever, and maybe a friendship between them.  I know that’s very specific at least fill in the blanks by having enjoyable characters.  Also throw everything about the first impressions.  Throw them down the drain.  No this is not about friendships, heck even the best male friend of the male character, all i know of him is that he just pulls random crap out of his pants and his a good eater from what I can infer from episode 6.


Ain’t that just sweet? Heh?

Let’s look at it from this perspective.  Let’s cool down and just see what it is.  Well. The two lovebirds, because really face it, it’s obvious now that they both are interested in the main character, have cracked something of a back story.  I say cracked. Because I still don’t know who they are and their motivations behind it much.  I guess the one girl, Haruka, had some experience that was illustrated that made her fall in love.  Love in first sight huh?  Alright I’ll accept that old concept.


Nice improvising.

However, love these howevers, is the fact that maybe I’m looking it at a wrong perspective.  Maybe it is not the characters that needs to be focus but maybe the situations they are wrapped in and how they get out of it.  Really they are pretty ridunkulous.  So episode 4, they have to prevent a threat from happening from this one female idol named Nao from being hurt.   And the suspect attacks in front of a live show with thousands or maybe hundreds watchingher in the center as the event unfolds.  He stabs her and has hundreds of witnesses ingenious and perfect execution.

piggy back

It’s dangerous. Move out of the way. Also why are you touching her caboose? Other scenes show you that basically take your hands on and off of it.

Next episode, we seem to have a continuation with episode 2 as the bomber from that episode had an accomplice whom Naoto and Aoi coincidentally finds.  Now they have permission to chase him throughout Japan and have to catch him and to stop a rockslide along the way because of his bomb, Aoi has to shoot the landslide alert system to stop an oncoming train that stops right in front of them which they could have easily moved out of the way anyways.  It’s some of these resolutions that just cracks a smile on my face.  Whether if you consider it a flaw, you still must recognize its ridiculous resolve.


Poor Episode 6 I left you out like that. Here is a compensation. Beautiful.

Still, these unnecessary fanservice are well unnecessary mate, no matter what my other brain tells me.  But maybe I should just embrace that it’s not going to stop.  I’m going to watch this to see where its going anyways might as well salvage enjoyment out of it.  And, hey, at least this show can be salvageable. Oh, also as I watch more and more of this anime, the more it makes me think that this IS a propaganda to make it so that government controlling the railways is going to be the best thing in the world.  That’s all from me.

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