Highschool DxD NEW ep 4 impressions


So there’s danger afoot with new baddies and a possible apocalyptic war. And yet I really don’t care about any of that. What I do care is RIAS AND ASIA IN NAKED APRON!

dxd-4-11-xenovia-freed dxd-4-28-kokabiel

So we find out that Freed the stray exorcist is working for Balba, the one responsible for the Holy Sword Experiment, and a high ranking fallen angel. They plan to ignite another war between the angels, devils and fallen angels because…they’re bored?


Yeah it’s not really made clear why they want another war other than that they’re crazy. Even the leader of the fallen angels stated he did not want to start another war, so it makes starting one even more unreasonable. I guess that’s the point, but it just makes them seem like powerful retards.

dxd-4-3-kiba-yuuto-block dxd-4-33-holy-swords-freed

On the other hand, Kiba is busy chasing down Freed and Balba with the nuns, leaving us in the dark when it comes to all the action. This is pretty cheap, considering Freed apparently being powerful enough to take Irina’s Excalibur along with holding all 3 missing Holy swords. Furthermore, it just ends up giving you no reason to care about the drama since it shoves it to the side like no problem. If the comedy didn’t hold up, this would feel like ripping-off the viewer.

dxd-4-13 High-School-DxD-New-04-15-560x315

Thankfully, the comedy and fanservice didn’t falter. It’s nice to see the idiots Saji and Issei get their ass whooped(literally) by Rias and Souna for secretly allying with the nuns. And like i mentioned before, ASIA AND RIAS IN NAKED APRONS! Which is funny considering that Issei’s mom is the one that even suggested it (thumbs up for an awesome mom). But overall, this ep was pretty dull compared to the previous ones. Hopefully things get exciting next week.

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