Nagi no Asukara Episode 13 Review~


Boy, was that one exciting episode! Totally didn’t see the last 5 minutes or so coming!

Like, seriously! What happened?!?!

I didn’t expect or anticipate the events that followed the Ofunehiki.

While the adults and everyone else in the village succumbed into hibernation, the four friends departed to the surface so that they can perform the Ofunehiki and see Akari get married. The group of friends already have come to terms in regards to their feelings and it is highly evident that they will love each other no matter what happens. Hikari has finally reached a peak in his maturity and Manaka finally has everything into perspective.

But. . .

Why did she have to SACRIFICE herself?!?!

I understand that her motive includes saving Akari and taking her place; possibly even for Hikari’s sake. But, why? And the way she hit the ground. . . That impact. . .¬† No one can survive something like that!


Tsumugu also was swallowed up by a wave! There is no way in hell that he can possibly still be alive. And what’s the point of his death anyway? Why was his life taken? I honestly hope he turns up alive somehow because I wanted to know him a little better. Especially since they didn’t reveal much about him.

This episode seriously has me tied me up in knots of emotions, especially since every single character we have come to know and love is possibly¬† no longer alive or emotionally traumatized for what they just went through. The whole episode was perfectly crafted that it literally stabbed me right in the feels. The first half was executed pretty well too because of all the heart wrenching goodbyes to their parents and sharing one last moment of humor with friends. I seriously couldn’t anticipate the last part of the episode because of how the first half was executed.


In addition to everything that happened, there was also romantic tension that built up so much in the past episodes. It made everything in the last part of this episode even worse for my heart. We have Kaname who attempts to help Chisaki, only to see her embrace Tsumugu. Chisaki may or may not have feelings for Tsumugu, but seeing that embrace hurt Kaname’s feelings and most likely caused his possible death. I really do hope he isn’t dead because I wanted to know more about him as a character. But, if he does turn out to be dead, his absence wouldn’t conflict the plot’s progression at all. But, that is just how I see it.

We also have Chisaki who is obviously mentally and emotionally traumatized by what she witnessed. All of her friends are possible dead. Hikari is no where to be seen, Manaka is sacrificed to their God, and Kaname died right in front of her very eyes. The emotional torment and trauma that has been inflicted on this group of friends is highly immense.

Thing is, what about Uroko-sama? Didn’t he promise a few episodes earlier that he won’t harm Akari and Hikari? I feel as though he knew that all of this was going to happen. As if it was part of some plan or something. But, what does Uroko-sama have to gain from all this? What are his intentions?


I am really worried about Hikari. He has gone through a lot and even became more matured in the previous episodes and he’s just going to die? Like really? And if he isn’t dead how will be able to emotionally handle day-by-day knowing that Manaka and his sister, Akari are gone?

At the end of the episode, I had to hold myself together because so much has happened in a short amount of time. We have finally reached the climax of this anime and I can totally feel that everything is going to change from here. Now, I can’t wait to see all of this unfold! EPISODE 14 COME HERE ALREADY!!!


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