Black Butler Book of Circus Episodes 3-5 Impressions

Book of circusHey guys, Chuckster here. Book of Circus is now on episode five and excitement is starting to build up. Sebastian and Ciel are now going undercover as performers to get into the Noah’s Ark Circus in order to figure out just what goes on there and if the circus may be linked to the mysterious disappearances of children that seems to follow the circus around.

Episode 3 is full of gags mostly focused on Ciel. It does not bring too much advancement in the plot but there are some important parts. I especially get a kick out of Ciel’s circus performer name as it is the last thing I would have thought they would associate him with. I cracked up, not completely believing the name chosen for him. That… that smile!

Screenshot (16)

William T. Spears also joins the party, which adds a bit of plot and comic relief (as if it needed any more) giving the old familiar feeling from the previous two seasons. This season has had a lot of focus on that (again, simply because of the tragedy which was Black Butler II’s ending).

For episode four, I only have two words; MAGICAL POLICEBEARS!

Kuma san! XDYes, we have a scene with magical police bears and although it is very funny to watch this scene, believe me, the reality behind the scene is actually really brutal. There is definitely a lot more plot development. I have a very broad sense of humor, so if you’d watch it with me you would have probably just heard me snorting the whole episode through anyway.

Episode 5, I don’t know what to think of it. I mean I love Freckles and all, but the plot twist was very unnecessary whether or not it sticks with the original manga. I know, I know, yeah I’m not the writer or a worker for Funimation so yeah shoot me. There is one thing gained from all of it though…. >w>

Screenshot (23)Anyway, there’s definitely a lot more to it than that, but what good is it if I didn’t keep at least a few details out of my descriptions? Go find out yourself what the Noah’s Ark Circus is up to.

Sorry for taking so long on this article, but to make it up to you all I’ll be posting the next article as soon as the next episode is subbed! I’ll see you all in a week for episode 6 so until next time, get your geeky on and remember; content is everything. >w0

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