Highschool DxD NEW ep 6 impressions


And so we finally reach the end of Kokabiel and his overpowered nature. And he’s beaten through a combination of a one piece rip-off, ero-power, and the most epic cockblock ever.


For the most part this is a battle ep, so let’s go straight to what I was talking about in the introduction. Kiba manages to damage Kokabiel using 3 copies of his holy cursed sword with one in his mouth(Zoro rip-off), but this only angers him further. And Rias’s power is not enough to hurt him even with Issei’s power up. But it works great vice-versa, as apparently Rias giving Issei permission to suck her tits gives him enough ero-power to punch through Kokabiel’s defenses.

Are you paying attention to the plot twist, lightning, or nipple?

Are you paying attention to the plot twist, lightning, or nipple? If it’s hard to choose, you aren’t gay.

On the way we get several twists that come out of nowhere, mainly because Kokabiel mentions it on the go. The two big ones would be that Akeno’s father is in fact a high ranking Fallen Angel, and the other being that “GOD IS DEAD”(reminds me of nichijou). Archangel Michael is apparently in charge as his substitute to maintatin the churches power, but this secret is enough to crush Xenovia and Asia’s faith.



But the giant cockblock is probably the biggest twist, which involves the reveal of the English Dragon wielder, Vali. Unlike Issei’s Welsh Dragon which transfers power to itself and others, the English Dragon halves the power of its enemy continuously, which he uses to overpower Kokabiel. On top of that, Vali seems to be the exact opposite of Issei in terms of personality, similar to Kiba maybe?¬†After ripping his wings and pounding him to the floor, he exits with both Kokabiel and Freed at Azazel’s orders, but not before saying goodbye to his fated enemy, the Welsh Dragon.


When Kiba apologizes to Rias for his rebellious actions, he initially gets a boob hug by Rias, then gets ready to receive the same punishment Issei got 2 ep ago. That’s right; the pretty boy is getting 1000 spankings this time. Xenovia’s knowledge of god’s death has made her a heretic, so she decides to be Rias’ 2nd knight by becoming a demon. And my guess is that she’ll be part of Issei’s harem really soon. Irina on the other hand returned to the church, since she was unconscious during the time Xenovia heard of God’s death.


What else is there? Oh yeah! The drunk Azazel Issei hangs out with is *obviously* the fallen angel leader Azazel! So much twists have happened this ep, but that one scene after the credits has me excited to see what will happen now. Oh wait! Next week is Akeno’s arc? GREAT! Looks like it’s fallen angels and busty onee-san action for the next 6 weeks(this is starting to sound like a weird porno now)!

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