Gatchaman CROWDS ep 5-6 impressions


I can tell you right now that when I heard a reboot of Gatchaman was coming, this was not what I had in mind. There is very little remaining when it comes to the super sentai formula, and things keep on getting more confusing as it goes.

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To be fair, the confusion is somewhat relevant to the overall themes of super sentai in general here. It’s putting the concept of heroes in context with how modern society works, and how the rules of a superhero serve as a major annoyance in today’s world. At best they serve as just public figures to look up to, but the fact that they keep their identities secret all the time with no proper explanation seems to question the point of having a super sentai group at all.

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And as for those that support GALAX, the CROWDS don’t excatly share Rui’s vision of saving the world the way he does. Rui aka LOAD sees joy in helping others and preventing casualties. He relishes in their peace and prosperity without any rewards, and seeks to update the world so that all can see eachother as equals. The CROWDS don’t share that vision, as they want to reveal themselves to the world so they can get credit as heroes. Unlike LOAD, they still rely on human needs of recognition and reward.


Fortunately, Hajime’s constant curiosity and lack of restraint seem to progress whatever story there may be. From revealing her identity to all of Japan to bluntly asking why heroes always have to be secret, Hajime continues to ask the questions we want to ask for us while joyfully showing hwo fun life can be. Both introspective and naive, she serves as a perfect foil for Rui.


Ultimately, the plot seems to be all over the place at this point. Most problems seem to solve themselves eventually, and so many questions seem to stack upon eachother as soon as one is answered. Rather than story or characters, this show seems to dwell on ideas and crazy visuals instead. It was cool at first and we aren’t completely left in the dark, but this slice-of-life approach to a good-guys-vs-bad-guys type of series is nevertheless questionable

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